A city developed to the highest global standards with an amazing street network and a tram system that will be the first of its kind in Nigeria.
Where the middle-classes will be able to afford to live well & to a high standard of living.
The first central park in Lagos will be at Alaro City. It promises to be a vibrant hub for relaxation, promotion of healthy lifestyles & sporting activities.
Beautiful & expansive greenways will promote walking and cycling above driving around Alaro City. Each of the 5 greenways in Alaro City measures approximately 100m wide, that is the length of a standard football pitch. This will ensure a lot of shade and serenity to walk around Alaro City. It will take a maximum of 35 minutes to walk from the farthest residential area to the central business district.
Alaro City will have an attractive mixed use Central Business District that will be bubbling full of activities & amenities that make up a sophisticated city centre. There will be no shortage of retail units – restaurants, bars, shops and more. There will be offices and city centre apartments, as well as entertainment such as cinemas, bowling alleys and more.
There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that Alaro City will be the best city to live, make, work & play, bar none, in Nigeria.