A self-contained city in Lagos State

Alaro City is the next big thing in Lagos State real estate.  It is a brand new city 2.5 times the size of Victoria Island. It is designed to be self-contained.  You will find everything you need to live, make, work & play right there in the city.  Coming to Lagos will be a choice not a necessity.

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Planned to the highest global standards

Alaro City has been planned by a global master planning company called Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Based in Chicago, SOM have responsible for such internationally acclaimed projects as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Millenium Park in Chicago. SOM have planned all 7 urban cities that Rendeavour are developing in Africa.

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This year's best real estate investment opportunity

Some of us remember how VGC and Banana Island started off.  Those who caught the vision and chose to buy into the schemes created a lot of wealth for themselves & their families. This is your turn to do the same. Don't miss out on a life-changing opportunity.

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About Alaro City, Epe

The city is situated in the North-West Quadrant of the Lekki Free Trade Zone, on the Lekki-Epe Expressway close to Epe Township.  It is conceived as a  2000 hectare urban development by Rendeavour Africa.  The first 1000 hectares has been allocated with Certificate of Occupancy.

Alaro City is one of 7 urban developments across Africa - in Nigeria, Ghana, DRC, Zambia and Kenya.

As of March 2019, we are 9 months into the long term project of creating a city out of a forest area.  As required by law given that it is a free trade zone, the city has been fenced and up to 20% of the land area cleared.  Major road construction is about to commence and the first factory located in the city will start operations in April 2019.

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